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Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands in Providence

Oval engagement ring in Providence with hand engraving and filigree.

Providence is a remarkable historical place within Rhode Island, and many wedding proposals take place in this area because of the historic charm. Engagement rings in Providence must accurately represent the personalities of the betrothed. This is why Knox Jewelers provides an impressive selection of wedding jewelry. Take advantage of our jewelry services because it will reduce the stress involved in arranging other details of your upcoming wedding. Enjoy the experience of selecting a unique wedding band from an extensive collection. Wedding rings require an unusually high degree of concentration from the buyer because of the symbolic nature of this jewelry. Trust this symbol of your lifelong personal commitment to the professionals at Knox Jewelers.

Providence wedding ring with three rows of micro pave diamonds in white gold.


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Diamond jewelry is the endearing symbol of the wedding ceremony. However important engagement rings are to the romance of the occasion, the environment also contributes to creating a lasting memory. Fortunately, Rhode Island is full of beautiful and picturesque landmarks where a wedding proposal can occur with finesse and grace.

Selecting a location for the proposal is as important as choosing the right engagement ring to accompany the proposal in Providence. There are many romantic locations in Providence, and visiting each of them before deciding is highly recommended. One of them will surely touch your heart in a unique way, and this is a good indication of the right choice. Historical architecture offers an irreplaceable ambiance. Knox Jewelers in Providence can provide the perfect piece of jewelry, but you will have to select the location where the fine wedding bands will be revealed.

Providence engagement ring with half bezel setting and ornately decorated band.

The historic house of Governor Stephen Hopkins has set the background for many engagement rings, and it also served as the backdrop for the singing of the Declaration of Independence. It was built in the early 1700s, and today, it is a very popular museum and tourist attraction. This unique atmosphere is a suitable setting for a wedding proposal because it has class and elegance. It also enhances the unique features of any diamond jewelry piece from Knox Jewelers, which will become a part of your own future memories.

The First Baptist Meetinghouse is a remarkable structure, and it is also an idyllic backdrop for the exchange of engagement rings. This majestic structure served as the very first meeting house in the early colonial period. It is the oldest church in the United States, and it was an early hub of activity for individuals who expressed religious variations in less tolerant states. The powerful historical figure Anne Hutchinson and her colleague Roger Williams established the Providence Plantations in order to nurture religious diversity. Because of this rich history, it makes an ideal location for exchanging wedding bands within today’s modern and tolerant religious social climate.

Providence engagement ring with hand engraving and round brilliant center stone.


Engagement rings from Knox Jewelers also shimmer in the lighting of the All Saints Memorial Church. This is a fine example of early Gothic architecture, and it is still in good condition even today. An active congregation regularly meets at this location, and it is a common spot for special events. In addition to baptismal ceremonies, many weddings, birthdays and musical events take place there on a regular basis. The mixture of cultural center and community meeting place provide an idyllic atmosphere for a wedding proposal. Consider the All Saints Memorial Church as the perfect place to present your beloved with a diamond jewelry set.

For people with a more secular sensibility, consider presenting your wedding bands at one of the many intimate settings within the historic district of downtown Providence. In addition, the National Register of Historic Places was created in 1984, and it provides a detailed account of the many historic sites and landmarks in Rhode Island. Consider any of these amazing spots for the backdrop of your wedding proposal. There is nothing more romantic than creating a special environment to ask for the hand of your beloved. Make the moment last by carefully selecting the location for the proposal. Create a lasting memory when you unveil unique engagement rings and wedding bands brought to you by the professionals at Knox Jewelers.

Wide band engagement ring in Providence with multiple bands and round center diamond.

Micro Pave Engagement Rings

Providence micro pave engagement ring a round brilliant center stone and detailed side view.

Halo Engagement Ring

Providence halo engagement ring with radiant center stone and diamond band.

Custom Engagement Rings

Halo engagement ring in Providence with oval center stone and woven band.

Filigree Engagement Rings

Providence engagement ring with scroll filigree, hand engraving and milgrain.