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Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands in Raleigh

Two- tone hand engraved engagement ring with filigee in Raleigh.

Contacting Knox Jewelers is the best way of finding great engagement rings in Raleigh. We are proud of our creations, and we work hard to achieve the client's satisfaction. We work mixing the last cutting edge technology available with traditional jewelry making techniques that have been passed through generations of master craftsmen.

We also offer a huge selection of wedding bands in Raleigh, as all of our products are unique and made exclusively for our customers. The proposal day and the wedding day are two of the most special occasions in our entire lives, and our goal is to provide with that extra touch that can make those days absolutely unforgettable. That's why our engagement rings and wedding bands are made to last for generations, and to be passed on as family heirlooms.

Unique wedding rings in Raleigh with nature inspired floral patterns.


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Raleigh is one of the most beautiful cities in the Southwest. It's certainly full of history and beautiful landscapes, of places taken directly from the land of dreams and fantasy, and put there to entice the most romantic feelings. There are several incredible spots all over the region that are perfect for a great marriage proposal. The "City of Oaks", as Raleigh is called, is rich in natural landscapes and historical landmarks, so maybe this is the perfect place to open up and transform your feelings into wedding bands.

The Historic Oak View Park is a must see in Raleigh, as it encompasses all its bucolic history, surrounding the visitor with nature and agricultural richness. Here, you can enjoy the farming history of this great region, and stroll peacefully across the fields, stopping every now and then to admire the magnificence of the ever present oaks. For those who really admire the country live, and love being surrounded by nature, this spot may be the ideal place for a romantic proposal, where the wedding bands are given and the adventure of love really begins.

Following the same line, the Historic Yates Mills County Park is a great place for hiking or, in other words, walking through the forests and allowing the nature's charm make it's way into our souls. The park features the unique Yates Mills, one of the most ancient mills in the United States, that will remind us of great classics of American literature, and provoke us to relive those adventures in the company of the person we love the most. Proposing here is a way of expressing how exciting and timeless the adventure of love can be, and using one of Knox Jewelers' engagement rings can be the perfect touch for the most incredible day of your life.

Pear cut diamond engagement ring in Raleigh with hand engraving and filigree.

Haywood Hall, in the middle of Raleigh, is one of those hidden gems that not even all the locals know about. Is typically used as a visitor center, where anyone can pop in and enjoy the quiet charm of the southern architecture, or sit and relax in the gardens, sipping a glass of iced tea while appreciating the beauty and the silence. It is also frequently used as a wedding site, and they organize warm and intimate ceremonies, where the bride can truly feel as if she was the protagonist of a romantic novel. This is an incredible place for a proposal, as all the set is perfect for a wedding, and the idea just keeps popping into our heads as we walk through the incredible gardens.

For those who have a passion for American History, Joel Lane Museum House is a necessary stop. Built in the 1770's, it's the oldest house in Raleigh, and it's preserved in its former glory for all the visitors to appreciate. It is a very important piece of North Carolina's history, and also an incredibly beautiful building, full of history, and of entertaining stories. Choosing this spot as the place for a proposal is the perfect way of showing your loved one how timeless and eternal can your love be. Finally, for couples that share a keen sense of humor, there's a very interesting and strangely funny monument that can make anyone enjoy a good day. We are talking about the Big Acorn; a massive 1250 acorn sculpture that reigns over Moore Square, resting quietly in the middle of the park.

Unique filigree engagement ring with round bezel center stone in Raleigh.


The location is really beautiful, and the acorn pays the perfect homage to the "City of Oaks". Many couples in Raleigh come to this place for their proposal, as they find the seed of the oak as the perfect symbol of a fruitful marriage.

Knox Jewelers are specialized in creating the perfect engagement rings or wedding bands, crafted by measure to fit perfectly into the bride's finger, and to make her shine like a star from the day of the proposal to the future generations that inherit them. We do this with love and care, because we believe that the most important day of your life must be perfect in every detail, and we make our goal to help you make it real.

Halo engagement ring in Raleigh with small round diamonds and high polished band.

Antique Engagement Rings

Raleigh antique engagement rings with relief hand engraving and filigree.

Unique Wedding Bands

Wide band rings in Raleigh with scroll filigree between micro pave bands.

Antique Engagement Rings

Filigree engagement ring in Raleigh with scroll filigree and round brilliant center stone.

Halo Engagement Rings

Raleigh halo engagement ring with diamond halo and high polished band.