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Rose Gold Engagement Rings in Raleigh

Raleigh unique antique inspired custom rose gold engagement ring with a diamond halo surround an oval cut center.

A surprise marriage proposal would not be complete without an exquisite rose gold engagement ring in Raleigh, North Carolina. If you are ready to make a lifelong commitment to the one you love, an exquisite symbol of fine jewelry is the place to start, and Knox Jewelers is your guide. Select a hand-crafted ring that perfectly aligns with the taste and the desires of your loved one. Next, you’ll need a memorable setting in which to profess your intentions. The city is known for its many huge oak trees, and a downtown proposal “under the ol’ oak tree” may be just what you are looking for. There are quaint sidewalk cafes and fine restaurants in several of Raleigh’s downtown districts and squares, where a simple surprise engagement may be your first choice.

Rose gold custom engagement ring in Raleigh with a round brilliant center diamond held in a setting with unique filigree and hand engraving.


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Raleigh offers a number of stately museums and parks where are proposal is possible, but the Durant Nature Preserve is lavish, with 237 acres of woodlands, lakes, and trails. If you both love the great outdoors, this preserve will hold a place near and dear to your hearts. Find a beautiful bridge where a unique rose gold engagement ring from Knox Jewelers will glisten in the mid-day sun, or take in the on-site bird or butterfly garden for a romantic interlude among some miraculous creatures. For the bold, take a hike in the forest along the creek bed and come out at the lake to a momentous picnic spread where you’ll present your partner with a custom crafted diamond ring. This day will not soon be forgotten.

If you prefer an urban setting for your proposal, consider an elegant meal and fine wine at Saint Jacques French Cuisine. You’ll dine in a quaint atmosphere with white tablecloths and some of the best authentic French cuisine in Raleigh. Plan ahead, and Chef Serge Falcoz-Vigne is certain to prepare a meal like none other. He supports the local farmers using only the freshest ingredients. Once you’ve indulged in some special culinary delights, a vintage or halo style rose gold engagement ring from Knox Jewelers will be the icing on the crème brulee. A hand-designed ring to symbolize your love is only the beginning of this amazing journey.

Custom antique inspired rose gold engagement ring in Raleigh featuring a round light blue sapphire held in a unique halo setting.

With your marriage proposal accepted, it is time to plan ahead for your grand Raleigh celebration. The venues are vast, so first decide on a wedding theme that will complement your rings, whether it be a country club, downtown high-rise, historical landmark, or country manor. The Glenwood has couples in awe, with acres of outdoor woodlands, lush gardens, or indoor ballroom options for the colder seasons. Farm-to-table dining options are sure to please family and friends alike. Picture sharing your vows at the end of a brick pathway under a flourishing garden archway and exchanging exquisite symbols of your love in front of your special guests. These circular symbols from Knox Jewelers are specially crafted and made to last through the ages.

The River Ridge Golf Club is a favorite among Raleigh locals and visitors alike for a true North Carolina style wedding. The plantation style clubhouse is beautiful and spacious, and the surrounding green hills and lawn are carefully manicured for every occasion. An outdoor pavilion offers scenic views of the greens and romantic sunsets where guests will be inspired by the backdrop for your amazing celebration. When your rose gold engagement ring is paired with a matching wedding band from Knox Jewelers, the crowd will want to see it after your service and for years to come. Let us be your guide for the most amazing wedding and engagement rings of the decade.


Antique inspired custom engagement ring in Raleigh with a round brilliant center diamond held in a unique two tone halo setting.


Custom Engagement Rings

Rose gold oval custom engagement ring in Raleigh with a bezel center setting, milgrain edging and hand engraving.

Unique Wedding Bands

Custom rose gold wedding ring with twisted diamond bands in Raleigh.

Antique Engagement Rings

Raleigh custom created rose gold engagement ring with antique inspired details including center petal prongs holding an oval center and arching bead set diamonds.

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Rose gold custom engagement ring in Raleigh with a cushion cut center diamond surrounded by a diamond halo.