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Rochester engagement ring with engraving, milgrain and filigree.

Couples looking for engagement rings in Rochester have an opportunity to browse through the online selection offered by Knox Jewelers. If you are in the market for a set of wedding bands in Rochester you do not need to look further than our one-of-a-kind masterpieces, created in the form of diamond jewelry from Knox Jewelers. You took great care in selecting your partner and they deserve a piece of diamond jewelery fashioned into unique engagement rings or wedding bands, forged by hand with the same level of care.

Rochester enjoys a particularly scenic geography courtesy of the huge glaciers during the Cenozoic era that carved out the fertile Genesee Valley and created topography of rolling hills around it. Rochester has always been defined by water. The village was constructed around flour mills that took advantage of the three waterfalls on the river for power. When the Erie Canal was built a few years later, it was routed through Rochester, and the small village became America's first boomtown, a major trade center for grain being shipped east and goods being shipped west. It soon garnered the nickname "The Flour City", and its products were known as far away as England. As time went on, and farmland opened up in the Great Plains, Rochester's flour industry faded, to be replaced by a variety of others, including clothing, shoes, boats, and horticulture. By the middle of the nineteenth century, Rochester's nurseries and gardens had led to a new nickname “The Flower City", celebrated each year with the famous Lilac Festival each May.

In the early 1900s, the modern city began to take shape, molded in large part by the philanthropy of George Eastman, whose Eastman Kodak camera company became the area's largest employer. The Eastman School of Music, the Eastman Theatre, the George Eastman House, and numerous other buildings and institutions remain today as testaments to his influence and generosity. Since the turn of the century, Rochester has called itself "The World's Image Center", based on the local prominence of imaging giants Kodak and Xerox and optics company Bausch & Lomb.

Antique engagement ring in Rochester with relief scroll engraving and bezel set round brilliant diamond.


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Located within a 400-mile radius of 14 northeastern states, two of the most cities, New York's capital city of Albany, and the nation's capital of Washington, D.C. Rochester is also the western gateway to the fabulous Finger Lakes Region, part of the country's longest scenic byway and a day's drive from New York City. Greater Rochester is the third-largest metropolitan area in New York State. It includes six counties and Rochester is the 79th largest city in the U.S.A.

But Rochester is much more than just its waterways. The city loves to celebrate its long history of industry and invention, taking pride in the many innovators and social reformers that have made their marks here. Also looking to the future and when it's time to relax, few cities of its size can compare in the variety and quality of cultural and recreational events available here.

In Rochester, you can find the only museum in the world dedicated to plays, award-winning music, dance, and acting ensembles, minor-league sports and a trio of majestic waterfalls right in the middle of the city. The gateway to the scenic and culinary delights of New York's Finger Lakes region, Rochester is the perfect place to begin your exploration of Western New York.

Planning the perfect proposal can be overwhelming. At Knox jewelers, we create unique diamond jewelery and every once and a while we have an opportunity to help make the proposal just as unique by offering a few ideas to the suitor. A beautiful location for presenting the BIG question and your Knox Jewelers engagement ring in Rochester would be at Corn Hill Navigation with a private sail on the Sam Patch. Cruising on Sam Patch, built by Mid-Lakes Navigation in 1991 for Corn Hill Navigation founder Ted Curtis, a replica of an Erie Canal packet boat. Long and narrow to accommodate the constricted dimensions of the early canal, Sam Patch features an enclosed main cabin and an open air bow.

Leaving from the docks of Corn Hill which is Rochester's oldest residential neighborhood and set sail on a romantic dinner cruise on New York State's legendary eight wonder of the world, the Eire Canal.

Rochester two-tone engagement ring with relief engraving and filigree.

In 1991 Edward P. Curtis, Jr., community leader and determined champion of Rochester's historic waterways, founded Corn Hill Navigation and launched the Sam Patch packet boat from Corn Hill Landing in downtown Rochester. This new venture provided an innovative recreational opportunity for Rochester residents and tourists, and offered an engaging, entertaining entry point to the story of greater Rochester's waterways In the mid-1990s Corn Hill Navigation expanded operations to include Erie Canal cruises and specialize in showcasing its historical significance, environment and beauty. Providing uniquely authentic canal cruising experiences for visitors from across the nation and globe as well as local residents. A private cruise will travel west through historic village of Pittsford, arriving at Lock 32 at Clover Street, encounter one of the wonders of Erie Canal technology and a signature canal experience. Passing through massive 40-ton gates, enter the lock chamber from the low water side. Once inside the lock, the lower gates close and the chamber begins to fill with 3 million gallons of water, raising the vessel 25 feet. When the chamber is full, the upper gates open and continue the cruise. Throughout the sail the Captain highlights points of interest and recounts stories of your history together. The perfect opportunity to proposal before returning back to port and presenting a custom made engagement ring from Knox Jewelers.

The perfect spot for those who love the water and the sound of waves is Charlotte Pier. This is a great summer spot to take a stroll down the pier at sunset. Sunset is of course a great time to be there, so make sure you start your walk early. Don't forget to take a ride on the carousel before you walk out, and you can really win her heart with frozen custard afterward and before she takes the first bite, propose and give her a beautiful Knox Jewelers engagement ring. The carousel was carved and created by the firm of G.A. Dentzel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was installed at Ontario Beach Park in 1905, and has remained in its original location, ever since. The carousel is a menagerie model and consists of 52 riding animals and two chariots, set in three rows. The hand-carved animals include: 22 Jumping Horses; 11 Standing Horses; 3 Cats; 1 Deer; 1 Giraffe; 1 Goat; 1 Lion; 2 Mules; 3 Ostriches; 3 Pigs; 3 Rabbits; and 1 Tiger. In 1984, the County initiated a complete restoration of the animals to their original condition. The carousel has also been modified to accommodate ADA accessibility.

Whether taking a romantic stroll along its picturesque pier, riding the 1905 Dentzel menagerie carousel, or boating, Ontario Beach Park provides all that’s necessary for a perfect proposal at the beach. The park is a total of 39 acres and offers seven shelters that are available for rent in the summer months. Ontario Beach Park is located on the shore of Lake Ontario in the northernmost section of the City of Rochester near the Irondequoit border.

Blooming treasures abound at the Ellwanger Gardens in Rochester and Knox Jewelers has the perfect diamond jewelery to celebrate your event. George Ellwanger was born in Germany in 1816. At the age of 14, he began a four-year apprenticeship at a horticultural firm in Stuttgart. In 1835 he came to America, settling in the newly incorporated City of Rochester. Mr. Ellwanger began a life-long partnership with Irish immigrant Patrick Barry when they formed the Mt. Hope Botanical and Pomological Gardens in 1840. Growing rapidly from 8 acres to over 650 acres and by the 1870s it had become the largest and most respected horticultural firm in the country. Mr. Ellwanger purchased the land from farmer John Hawks in 1867, then set out to create his private garden in the former pear orchard. The pear trees today reflect this earlier heritage, but were planted by the Ellwanger family. Ellwanger lived here until his death in 1906. The garden was maintained by his descendants, until bequeathed to the Landmark Society by granddaughter Helen Ellwanger in the early 1980s and now The Ellwanger Garden is maintained by The Landmark Society of Western New York.

Halo engagement ring in Rochester with diamond halo and round brilliant center.


With a symphony of purples, pinks, yellows, reds, and blues surrounded by majestic trees and endless walk ways. A Victorian style English garden with an extensive collection of peonies perfect for a garden proposal. Ellwanger Garden is a “living museum.” In the garden, you experience the sights and scents that delighted the Ellwanger family for 115 years and viewed by appointment to avoid large crowds or interruption during your proposal. Hiring a local photographer to capture your proposal memories will reflect the beautiful and serene gardens as the backdrop to bended knee and arms raised to gift a Knox Jewelers engagement ring to the sweetest flower in the garden.

With a home base near Rochester New York, Liberty Balloon Company offers hot air balloon adventures near Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, Niagara Frontier and the entire Finger Lakes Region of Western NY. Including Canandaigua, Seneca, Keuka and all the lakes and the spectacular Letchworth State Park area as well as the Finger Lakes of Upstate New York. Your proposal is a thrilling experience and to add an exciting excursion of a hot air balloon trip would be a breathtaking touch. The talented and creative experts at Liberty Balloon Company can help you celebrate your proposal in a variety of ways like posting a Marry Me banner on a fellow balloon that just happened to float by. For the true romantic, there is enough room in the balloon basket to go on bended knee with a piece of diamond jewelery while drifting above the blaze of colored tree tops and rolling landforms. Lift off the ground prior to sunrise and as the sun breaks the spectacular lakes, you drop down on one knee and present a custom engagement ring and wedding bands by Knox Jewelers. Whatever her dreams are for a special proposal, the staff at Liberty Balloon help make them a reality and easily incorporate the wonder and beauty of a hot air balloon on your proposal day. Your partner will think your proposal was as brilliant as the diamond jewelery.

This milestone deserves a spectacular location and an engagement ring setting so unique, the event is transformed into a lifelong memory. We believe marriage is a precious bond and your proposal should invoke memories of the start of your lives together, memories that will last a lifetime. Which ever Rochester destination, venue or experience you choose remember one thing; she will look at her left hand everyday. On that hand rests your tribute to a commitment for the rest of time. Presenting her with unique diamond jewelery from Knox Jewelers will preserve your exact sentiment.

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