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Vintage Engagement Rings in Sacramento

Hand engraved engagement ring with filigree in Sacramento. This stunning custom engagement ring features Art Nouveau inspirations with a micro pave floral motif, detailed hand engraving and filigree curls.

Love is like a shining light when the world seems dark, and what better way to celebrate that love than by proposing to the love of your life and finding the perfect, gorgeous antique engagement ring in Sacramento? Knox Jewelers has everything you need when it comes to finding incredible vintage and antique engagement rings. So now all you have to do is choose the best location to get down on one knee and ask the one person who makes you feel complete to be yours forever.

Much like the dazzling vintage designs from Knox Jewelers, The World Peace Rose Garden is a diamond in the rough. Located in State Capitol Park in Sacramento, California, the World Peace Rose Garden is a small but beautiful location to visit. The garden is filled with fragrant roses and is an enchanting and delightful place to take a romantic stroll together. The World Peace Rose Garden is so named because it was created as part of a worldwide project dedicated to peace, love, and diversity. Along the pathway, you will find numerous plaques engraved with Inspirational Messages of Peace written by young students. In a place so filled with love, inspiration, and peace, you are sure to delight and warm the heart of your beloved.

Unique three stone princess cut engagement ring in Sacramento is antique inspired. This stunning engagement ring is set with pear side diamonds and adorned with hand carved relief engraving.


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For an even grander piece of nature, try William Land Regional Park. With over 150 acres of land, the locally dubbed ‘Land Park’ is home to the Sacramento Zoo, the William Land Golf Course, and the two children’s attractions Fairytale Town and Funderland. The attractions are lovely for a family outing, but if you are looking for a more romantic adventure, take a stroll on the jogging path, take in the sights around the lovely lakes, peruse the garden next to the zoo, or visit the Village Green portion of the park. There is an abundance of beauty and history in this park, so it is quite a fitting location to give your beloved a stunning vintage engagement ring from Knox Jewelers.

If what you are looking for is a more traditional proposal, then Scott’s Seafood on the River has exactly the kind of atmosphere and decadence you are looking for. With delicious seafood that is flown in fresh daily, your meal is sure to be divine. Enjoy the lovely ambiance in the restaurant, as well as the splendid views of the Sacramento River as you share a bottle of wine. You can sit outside on the patio so that you can eat while you watch the sunset. After you finish your meal, take your beloved for a stroll along the riverfront, where you can find a spot to get down on one knee and offer not only a marvelous Knox Jewelers antique engagement ring but also all the love that you possess as you spend the rest of your lives together.

Yellow gold antique engagement ring in Sacramento features stunning relief style hand engraving on the band with a crown-like basket under the center stone. This regal center setting is adorned with micro pave diamonds.

Not everyone wants to stick with tradition. Some people have a preference for the strange and unusual. For those with a darker and more macabre style, the Sacramento Historic City Cemetery is just the beautiful and unique location you are looking for. The cemetery’s history tells a story of the beginnings of Sacramento and the gold rush in California. The cemetery was designed to resemble a Victorian garden and even houses a beautiful rose garden that is home to antique roses collected from various cemeteries. Some of the roses in the garden were grown from the cuttings of roses from all throughout history. The cemetery and rose garden are a treasure in the heart of the capital. What better place to give your love a vintage Knox Jewelers engagement ring than somewhere that is rich with history, lush gardens, and an unearthly beauty?

This stunning wide wedding band features an intricate filigree pattern adorned with diamonds in between micro pave diamond rails. This is the perfect vintage wedding band in Sacramento.


Halo Engagement Rings

Yellow gold halo engagement ring in Sacramento. This unique halo engagement ring features a custom halo shape, with a wide band. The top of the band and halo are set with micro pave diamonds. The sides are detailed with hand crafted filigree curls and hand engraved patterns for a vintage appeal.

Unique Wedding Bands

Unique wedding bands in Sacramento with diamonds, milgrain and engraving.

Antique Engagement Rings

Antique oval engagement rings in Sacramento with milgrain and filigree.

Filigree Engagement Rings

Stunning yellow gold antique engagement rings in Sacramento. This custom engagement two tone engagement ring features an exquisitely relief hand engraved band with micro pave and hand formed filigree in the crown.