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Vintage inspired engagement rings in Salt Lake City.

Gentlemen who are intent on researching beautiful engagement rings in Salt Lake City will want to hold out for something truly magnificent. The urban area itself is known for its outdoor recreational activities, and residents of the city have long raved about the skiing opportunities located nearby. Once men have done a bit of research on wedding bands and diamond jewelry, they can begin searching for the perfect place to propose to their sweethearts. By buying their engagement rings from Knox Jewelers, guys should be ready to begin the next adventure in their lives. With a trip to a romantic park, restaurant, or festival, the engagement can be initiated with a bang.

Natural landscapes tend to call up both romance and beauty, and Salt Lake City is full of picturesque locales. Liberty Park offers both gorgeous green areas and the Tracy Aviary. There are also a number of picnic areas. In fact, guys might even choose to hide their newly bought diamond jewelry in the bottom of the picnic basket. The park hosts the Pioneer Day fireworks, which are held every July 24. Having researched wedding bands in Salt Lake City, grooms-to-be can begin planning a proposal ceremony that will be talked about for decades.

The Red Butte Garden and Arboretum is also an effective location for a marriage proposal. The botanical garden itself is operated by the University of Utah and is situated in the lower hills of one of the regional mountain ranges. In addition to beautiful flowers, the facility has a number of fine hiking trails. The arboretum also offers modern art exhibits from time to time. With brilliant diamond jewelry hiding away in their coats, guys can escort their life partners down one of the paths to a particularly radiant floral display. Men who have chosen wedding bands from Knox Jewelers will be eminently prepared to at last pose the question that will change their lives forever.

Unique intricate Wide Band Heirloom engagement ring in Salt Lake City.


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Salt Lake City is also home to a number of upscale restaurants that strike just the right romantic touch. Log Haven, for example, is an old cabin that is steeped in history and culture. Men who are considering proposing on Valentine’s Day should strongly consider making reservations here beforehand. Couples looking for a bit of extra elegance might try the Sundance Tree Room. The eatery adheres to an overarching decorative style that showcases Native American art pieces. Life partners who are looking for an exotic place to exchange wedding bands will find the Sundance Tree Room to be both upscale and quaint at the same time. Men who are planning to give their sweethearts diamond jewelry will be doing very well indeed.

If couples have always been intrigued by world-class cultural attractions, they might choose to exchange wedding bands in an unconventional manner. A visit to the Clark Planetarium or Trolley Square will offer plenty of entertainment options. History buffs might even head out to Golden Spike National Historic Site to see the location where the great transcontinental railroad was completed in the 1870s. Lagoon Amusement Park, meanwhile, features several fun roller-coasters and thrill rides. Guys might wish to initiate the marriage proposal near the ride where the couple's fateful first kiss took place.

When men shop for engagement rings at Knox Jewelers, they will have a range of styles to choose from. Having found a diamond that dances in the light, they can buy it, wrap it, and prepare for the big night. Many of the engagement rings at Knox Jewelers are accompanied by glittering gemstones. Future brides will surely be stunned into silence when the magic words are spoken.

Elegant halo engagement rings in Salt Lake City, Utah.


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Rose gold split shank engagement ring in Salt Lake City

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Antique scalloped halo engagement rings in Salt Lake City.

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Micro Pave engagement rings in Salt Lake City with hand cut pave settings.

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Salt Lake City unique wedding band with sweeping filigree, milgraing, and diamonds.