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Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands in San Bernardino

San Bernardino vintage inspired custom engagement ring featuring a round brilliant center diamond held in a half bezel setting with hand engraving, milgrain and filigree.

When you're getting ready to propose to the love of your life with an engagement ring in San Bernardino, California you want to make sure that you are getting the best possible quality. When you purchase the engagement ring and your wedding bands in San Bernardino from Knox Jewelers you can rest easy and be confident knowing that your new pieces of diamond jewelry not only look gorgeous but are also made to the highest, heirloom quality. These pieces will last through out the generations of your children's children and can easily be passed down as an symbol of the love that began this new family.

So now that you know the best place to get the perfect piece of gemstone or diamond jewelry to pop the question with, what location do you choose for that special moment? The key to picking that perfect spot is making sure that it suites the personalities of yourself and your beloved; this could be anything but something unique to San Bernardino is a beautiful French Chateau style home built in 1897 called Kimberly Crest. This building is very well preserved and epitomized the Victorian Era in California. If you and your sweetheart have a taste for history and glamour then consider surprising them with an engagement ring from Knox Jewelers while you stroll through the acres work of Italian gardens? Or perhaps you'll choose a favorite room while touring the 7,000 square foot mansion. One of our vintage style pieces would give your new fiance a breathtaking piece that seems like it was made to go with this beautiful location. In fact this stunning location is also available for event rentals so consider making it even more memorable by exchanging your wedding bands here in an elegant ceremony that will keep your guests talking for years.

San Bernardino custom engagement ring with a unique antique inspired basket design topped with a diamond halo and a oval cut center diamond.


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Love the outdoors and want a little more of an adventure? After just a 30-40 minute drive you can get out to Lake Arrowhead or Big Bear Lake. There are activities for any time of year so you and your honey are sure to have fun with your favorite type of recreation. Either location will offer you gorgeous views while you get your fresh air, just imagine pulling out a custom engagement ring that you've had Knox Jewelers make just for your true love. Can you picture how much their eyes will light up with joy as they realize you're proposing? Such a sweet, intimate moment is perfect with the backdrop of the mountains and lakes and your darling will think that this piece of diamond jewelry sparkle so much because it's actually made from stars that you pulled from the night sky. You'll be picking out wedding bands in no time as the two of you excitedly plan your celebration!


Custom engagement ring in San Bernardino with a unique horizontal set oval cut center diamond surrounded by a diamond halo and band.

Looking for something more artistic? Take your beloved to spend the day at the Robert V. Fullerton Museum of Art. This wonderful museum is located on the campus of California State University, San Bernardino, and it contains a collection of Egyptian antiquities, ancient pottery from present-day Italy, and funerary art from ancient China. In addition to the extensive antiquities on display, the museum presents contemporary art and changing exhibitions. As you stroll the galleries pay attention for a piece that really catches your honey's eyes; tell them that you can't give them that piece but that you do have a work of art for them to take home today.

When they ask you what it is pull out the breathtaking engagement ring that you've chosen from Knox Jewelers. Your sweetheart will gasp in delight and after an enthusiastic “Yes!” you'll have the joy of watching them examine every hand crafted detail that you so carefully chose just for them. Their smile will shine brighter than the new piece of gemstone or diamond jewelry on their finger. Your love of the creative and artistic will surely shine through even more at your ceremony when you exchange your wedding bands and after at your reception. Your nearest and dearest will all agree that the two of you make a perfect couple and that you chose the perfect designs for the rings that you now wear.

San Bernardino unique antique inspired engagement ring with an oval diamond center halo and a petite hand engraved band with arching profile details.


Custom Engagement Rings

San Bernardino custom engagement ring with an oval blue sapphire surrounded by a diamond halo on a split shank band

Filigree Engagement Rings

Antique inspired custom engagement ring with a round brilliant center diamond and filigree curl detailing in San Bernardino.

Halo Engagement Rings

Custom engagement ring in San Bernardino with a uniquely shaped antique inspired halo surround an oval cut diamond.

Unique Wedding Bands

San Bernardino custom wide ring with a rounded band and three rows of micro pave diamonds.