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Rose Gold Engagement Rings in San Jose

San Jose custom wide band rose gold engagement ring with bead set diamond rails bordering an intricate diamond set floral pattern.

You’re in love, and you know that it’s the ‘happily ever after’ kind of love. So now it’s time to find the perfect rose gold engagement ring in San Jose, California to give to your beloved. Knox Jewelers crafts some of the most beautiful jewelry you’ll find anywhere, and our selection is extraordinary. Once you have chosen the one ring that you know your beloved will adore, it’s time to figure out where to begin your adventure into matrimony. To help you with that, we have compiled a short list of suggestions for your ideal proposal location.

What better way to ask your beloved to spend the rest of your lives together than while on an epic adventure. At Mount Hermon in Santa Cruz, you and your sweetheart can zip line through the redwood forest together. Redwood Canopy Tours offers these exciting opportunities for you and your loved ones. If you have kids and want to include them in your adventure and your proposal, then this is a great way to do it. You will all have a wonderful and exciting time. Then, you can remind your sweetheart of the love you share and that there is no other person you’d rather spend your life with. That is when you get down on one knee and present the custom Knox Jewelers rose gold engagement ring and watch as your lover’s eyes fill with surprise and delight.

Custom rose gold engagement ring in San Jose with a unique knife edge band and a diamond halo surrounding an oval center diamond.


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If you want to give your beloved a more traditional proposal, but you want it to be more than just asking at a restaurant, then heading out to one of the many wineries nearby is a wonderful idea. The Mountain Winery in Saratoga stands out as both elegant and fun. This gorgeous venue offers friendly service, fantastic wines, and delicious food. Also, there is a small stadium where live concerts are often held. Check the schedule and find when an artist that the two of you enjoy is performing. That will be a great setting to give your darling the dazzling Knox Jewelers rose gold halo engagement ring, and to ask that the two of you be together forever.

Another way to find the best place to propose is to consider a shared hobby or activity the two of you have bonded over and to incorporate that in some way. For example, if the two of you are fitness lovers, then you can take your sweetheart to the stairs on Communications Hill. It is a good workout making your way up the stairs. The surprise will come at the top of the hill. You can take in the gorgeous view around you as you take a break from your workout. Then, take your lover’s breath away when you present the unique Knox Jewelers rose gold engagement ring. The two of you will feel like you’re on top of the world as your beloved agrees to marry you.

San Jose vintage inspired custom rose gold engagement ring with a round center diamond and unique hand engraving and filigree curls.

There’s something to be said about the beauty and serenity that can only be found in nature. To take your beloved into the fresh air and lush greenery is to create a specific kind of joy that cannot be duplicated elsewhere. In the San Jose are, Santa Theresa Park is an excellent escape from the bustling city-life and the demands of adulthood. Take your darling on a small journey along the trails. Take in the fabulous flora and fauna. Bask in the glory of nature. Once you have found a spot that appeals to you, take your beloved aside, and offer the vintage Knox Jewelers rose gold engagement ring that you have chosen just for the one you love. It will be a most wonderful beginning to a lifetime of love and happiness.

Vintage inspired custom rose gold engagement ring in San Jose with a unique baguette diamond halo surrounding an emerald cut diamond center.


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Custom two tone engagement ring with a rose gold halo and oval center stone in San Jose.

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Unique custom rose gold wedding band with a bead set diamond braid design edged with milgrain in San Jose.

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San Jose custom rose gold engagement ring with vintage detailing and a cushion cut center diamond.

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Rose gold cushion cut diamond engagement ring in San Jose.