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Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands in Santa Clara

Santa Clara custom engagement ring with a round brilliant diamond center held by diamond set prongs and a three row micro pave band.

The best way to find great engagement rings or wedding bands in Santa Clara, California, is to contact Knox Jewelers and browse our amazing catalog. That can give you a huge variety of ideas, but you need to know that we always work with our customers in mind, making each piece specific for each one of them, ensuring that the most special day of their lives shines like a diamond in their biography.

Our work is very special and important, and here at Knox Jewelers we take it really seriously; your happiness is our main goal. We use the most advanced jewelry techniques, and mix them with traditional craftsmanship methods and our very own collection of jewel making secrets, passed through generations of master craftsmen. We only use the best materials available, and our engagement rings and wedding bands are made to last for generations, so that very special day can be guarded as a hugely valuable memory in your family's history.

Santa Clara is a beautiful city located 45 miles southeast of San Francisco. It is hugely popular for being the headquarters of several massive technology companies, as it is located in the middle of the Silicon Valley. But there's more to this charming town that business, technology and computers.

Santa Clara custom engagement ring with a floral pattern wide band with bead set diamond rails and a round brilliant diamond center stone.


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Set in the middle of the city, Santa Clara's Central Park is a fabulous spot to spend a day, having a picnic, enjoying nature and watching the ducks. It's all peace and quietness, and it inspires calm and warm feelings. It has a beautiful lake and all sorts of installations to perform every type of activity. It's a great spot for a surprise unexpected proposal, the perfect situation to use custom engagement rings to turn a special day into a memorable one.

If your style is more adventurous and youthful, maybe a visit to California's Great America is what you are looking for. This theme park features some of the most amazing roller coasters of the whole United States. They have a huge wooden coaster that can make your heart, and your loved one's heart, pound as one in thrill and trepidation. Maybe a proposal here is the best way to show the most important person in your life how rooted you are with your childhood feelings and how tender and caring you can be.

Pier 39 is the name of a great commercial waterfront complex, which features incredible views of all the San Francisco Bay. There are dozens of different activities available to visitors, from restaurants to shopping centers, and a simple walk by the Bay can be a relaxing and heart warming experience. The sea lions there put a note of color and cuteness, as they live around the area and they are just a delight to watch. It's one of the best spots for a great proposal, with the marine element always present and the amazing views of the San Francisco Bay as an incredible background.

Unique custom engagement ring in Santa Clara with an inspired hand engraved knife edge band and a bezel set pear shaped diamond.

If you are as passionate about trains as Knox Jewelers is about engagement rings and wedding bands, you'll deeply enjoy a visit to the South Bay Historical Railroad Society. The history of the western United States was written in railroads, and any enthusiast of American History will know that. This museum has everything that a train lover can enjoy; maps, artifacts, scale model trains... The machinery that made possible the development of California. It's a perfect place to picture the amazing stories of the pioneers and their struggle for survival. As a spot for a proposal, it is an incredible symbol of the durability and resilience of your love, that will carry on as much joy as these trains did in their day.

Finally, a visiting Santa Clara without stepping into the NASA Ames Visitor Center is missing out on an incredible journey through space exploration. The feats NASA achieved during the last fifty years are shown here to the visitor, who can contemplate the vastness of the universe and watch the breath taking beauty of stars and planets. When a proposal takes place here, it symbolizes a promise of the future, of the amazing exploration and the beautiful discoveries that a life together will bring to the couple.

Knox Jewelers can provide fine and exclusive high quality engagement rings and unique wedding bands for all kinds of situations and different couples. Because each couple is different and unique, each one loves in a different way, and that difference is what makes love the most powerful feeling in the world.

Santa Clara custom engagement ring with a unique antique inspired basket design topped with a diamond halo and a oval cut center diamond.


Antique Engagement Rings

Antique inspired custom engagement ring in Santa Clara with a unique petal center diamond setting and a relief engraved band.

Hand Engraved Engagement Rings

Custom engagement ring in Santa Clara with a bezel kite set asscher cut center diamond paired with a hand engraved scroll patterned band.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Santa Clara custom solitaire engagement ring with a round brilliant diamond held in a unique twisted setting.

Spilt Shank Engagement Rings

Custom split shank engagement ring with micro pave diamond bands with a round center diamond held in a bezel and surrounded by an octagon shaped diamond halo in Santa Clara.