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Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands in St. Cloud

St. Cloud engagement ring with filigree, hand engraving and bezel set center stone.

Couples that are looking for engagement rings in St. Cloud have an exclusive opportunity to browse through our online selection presented by Knox Jewelers. If you are ready to propose and looking for the perfect set of wedding bands or an engagement ring in St. Cloud, your search is over! Knox Jewelers crafts one-of-a-kind masterpieces that are created in the form of diamond jewelry.

St. Cloud is one of the fastest growing areas in Minnesota and you can't believe what it has in store for your proposal. The Mighty Mississippi, World-class gardens, scenic lakes and fabulous festivals. Having top level arts and entertainment, first class accommodations and places to enjoy breaking bread together and endless recreational opportunities. St. Cloud would be a great location to ask the person you love to marry you by presenting a unique engagement ring or wedding bands made by Knox Jewelers right here in Minnesota.

Filigree engagement ring in St. Cloud with oval center stone and half wheat engraving.


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In the 1850s, St. Cloud was a collection of three tiny villages; Upper Town, settled by southerners from Tennessee, Lower Town, where merchants frequented the Stearns House which is a Gothic Revival Style hotel located on the St. Cloud School Campus which is now St. Cloud State University. And Middle Town where in 1853 John L. Wilson sold and sometimes gave away parts of his 320-acre homestead frontage to men who intended to develop businesses.

The arrival of the railroad and founding the first granite quarry in 1868 attracted new settlers and brought economic progress. By 1900, transportation and natural resources helped maintain St. Cloud’s prominence as one of the state’s largest cities. Neighborhoods developed with many styles and sizes of houses, from picturesque late Victorian mansions to simple yellow brick or frame worker’s cottages. Today, St. Cloud is home to almost 6,000 historic structures built before the 1950s.

Stroll through the fabulous Munsinger Gardens with giant oak, hemlock and pine trees. Clemens Gardens features European gardens like the Virginia Clemens Rose Garden with over 1,000 beautiful blooming rose bushes.

Unique biking, hiking, and walking opportunities on the many trails around the St. Cloud area including the infamous Lake Wobegon Regional Trail. Fictional Lake Wobegon is the quintessential Minnesota small town. It was built, character by character, in the imagination of local storyteller and humorist Garrison Keillor, who reports the "News from Lake Wobegon" on his public radio show "A Prairie Home Companion." Lake Wobegon is partly based from rural communities of St. Cloud. Many of these little towns are now linked by the paved Lake Wobegon Trail, allowing cyclists to enjoy a peaceful ride through a quiet countryside of dairy farms, lakes and streams.

Halo engagement ring in St. Cloud with cushion cut center stone and white gold setting.

In today's bustling world where even the smallest cities seem to have traffic jams, the towns along the trail are worlds away from city life. Travelling through farmland, with views of quilted fields, rolling hills and rippling streams. When you reach the village of Holdingford, the Gateway to Lake Wobegon, you will find the barn-red covered bridge over Two Rivers old railroad trestle. A great stop for a break and the ideal backdrop for your proposal. With the vintage inspired surroundings and covered bridge, gift your custom made Knox Jewelers diamond jewelry at the end of your ride. Be careful on the way back for she will be staring at her left hand instead of the tail. Every Knox Jewelers engagement ring and wedding bands are beautifully crafted works of art and the glimmer from her engagement ring will keep catching her eye!

Enjoy the serene outdoors and let Fairhaven Farms create a memorable Farm Dinner for your proposal event. With culinary adventures like the Annual Walleye dinner in June, the Totally Sustainable Dinner or a Fall Harvest Dinner in October. Family owned and operated produce farm located in northern Minnesota, Fairhaven Farm was founded in 1987 and operates on 50 beautiful acres specializing in perennial berries, apples and everlasting flowers. Uniquely set to offer you a picturesque personal setting for a proposal, the farm is nestled in rolling hills and features a renovated antique barn and beautiful flower gardens. A dry riverbed ties together the gardens boasting a large open space that is perfect for capturing the big moment.

With a European flair, a visit to Millner Heritage Vineyard & Winery draws a romantic lure. Their exclusive Grape Stomp event is a no fail way to ensure a memorable engagement proposal. Millner Heritage Vineyard & Winery grows nine acres of grapes, about 5,000 vines with the first vines planted in 2006. Eight different varieties bred by Elmer Swenson or the University of Minnesota including Frontenac, Frontenac Gris, Marquette, Brianna, Prairie Star, Valiant, Kay Gray and Sabrevois. It has been said, “You cannot make good wine from bad grapes.” This is a simple truth of wine making. So, it is here where the hard work has to be put in all summer long and weather willing, with a good harvest in the fall, the wine maker can make great wine. Like Knox Jewelers, this investment of caring reflects in their work. Knox Jewelers makes every engagement ring and wedding band by hand. Our own artesian jewelers forge each creation from design concept to final masterpiece.

Engagement ring in St. Cloud with round brilliant center stone and channel set princess cut diamonds.


People like to gather and enjoy a new experience and the concept of the grape stomp has a romantic lure of old world wine country. It takes you back to the soil, getting in touch with the bountiful land and the promise of a fruitful future. Setting your proposal on this premise will delight your partner in surprise and excitement for what the future holds. The grape stomp will remind you of your proposal and the presenting of a custom made engagement ring or wedding band from Knox Jewelers will start of your own history together. Joyous activities include guided tours, wine tastings, wine auctions, music by the Dahmen Bros. Plus Dad. Boisterous Hungarian and Scandinavian dancers dressed in colorful ethnic costumes will entertain including Videki Hungarian dancers and Dassel Leikarrinz Scandinavian Dancers. Toast your celebration after giving a gift of diamond jewelry from Knox Jewelers over cultural cuisine prepared by German Chef Frohne Tauber flying in from Munich.  Authentic Austrian savories like Tafelspitz served with Kartoffelschmarrn, Apfelkren and Salad mit Dillsosse to be enjoyed.

St. Cloud is a true Minnesota town caring about its people and heritage. Where ever your proposal takes place, choosing a Knox Jewelers engagement ring or wedding band will ensure the best result; Yes, I will marry you!

Halo engagement ring in St. Cloud with emerald cut center stone and half moon side stones.

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Custom engagement ring in St. Cloud with round brilliant center stone and diamond band.

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St. Cloud matching wedding bands with scroll engraving and milgrain border.

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Halo engagement ring in St. Could with oval center stone and woven infinity band.

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Micro pave engagement ring in St. Cloud with round brilliant center stone and yellow gold setting.