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Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands in Tucson

Antique inspired custom engagement ring in Tucson with a bezel set center oval diamond on a knife edge hand engraved band.

It is a truly special time in life when you are getting ready to present your true love with and engagement ring in Tucson, Arizona. You want to make sure that after you present each other with wedding bands in Tucson that these very special pieces of gemstone or diamond jewelry are of the best quality and will withstand the tests of time. Knox Jewelers is a family owned company that creates every piece in-house; they are carefully hand crafted by master artisans and are made to be heirloom quality. Because we put so much focus on creating high quality works of art you can rest easy knowing that this step of planning your proposal is in great hands. After you pick out the design that suites your future fiance best, or a center stone in a temporary solitaire so your sweetheart can be surprised by your proposal and still get to help pick their ring design, you just need to choose the perfect spot for popping the question. Tucson is a very diverse city with options to fit every personality with options for everything from public to private and unique to classic.

The Tucson Rodeo, Fiesta de los Vaqueros, comes around once a year in February and lasts for a week. There are many different ways you could encorporate your proposal into such an event, and if you and your darling love Western themes and rodeo sporting events this may offer up the perfect opportunity for you. There are countless ways you can incorporate your proposal into your enjoyment of the festivities; everything from proposing while sitting in the stands in between events, during the parade, or even as the start or end of a wonderful day. Picture waking your darling up with breakfast in bed and pulling out the engagement ring that you've carefully chosen from Knox Jewelers. They'll be over joyed, and the two of you will get to spend the day together at the rodeo you both enjoy so much.

Tucson custom engagement ring with a halo design and profile view featuring scroll engraving, milgrain and a bezel set surprise stone.


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Or perhaps in between events, while waiting in the stands, you'll catch your sweetheart's hand in yours and confess that you want them to be with you forever. Everyone around you will be watching as you slide the breathtaking piece of diamond jewelry onto their finger and will surely burst into cheers and applause as your new fiance exclaims “Yes!”. It'll seem like no time at all before you and your beloved are exchanging your wedding bands in front of your nearest and dearest.

If you're looking for a different kind of entertainment consider the Gaslight Theatre. They have been around for 35 years and specialize in musical comedy melodramas which are performed 6 nights a week. They do five different shows per year and the genres range: westerns, sci-fi spoofs, their famous Christmas Shows, and everything in between. You can enjoy a variety of food and beverages during the shows. On Mondays, the one night per week they don't perform the current play, you can still go there to take in a concert! Cuddle us with your honey to enjoy the show and during intermission present the custom custom engagement ring you had made just for your darling and slip in onto their finger as you ask them to spend all the rest of your days creating wonderful memories like this night. Their eyes will light with joy and will sparkle enough to rival the lushious gemstone or diamond jewelry they now wear. Your beloved will be so impressed by the quality that they'll want to start looking at wedding bands so that you can have a spectactular Knox Jewelers ring of your own.

Tucson custom three stone engagement ring with a bead set diamond band and floral profile design.

A particularly unique venue for popping the question would be to take advantage of the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. This has been an annual event for over 50 years and it is one of the largest gem and mineral shows in the world. The show actually spans around 45 different locations in Tucson and these various shows run from late-January to mid-February with the official Show lasting two weeks in February. You can see everything from gems and minerals to fossils and beads. Imagine taking in the wonderful and exotic sights and these show locations, when your sweetheart is eyeing a piece with longing take their hand and tell them that you already bought them an amazing piece that was custom made just for them if they'll be your true love for always. The surrounding sights will pale in comparison to the stunning work of art that you slide onto their finger. There will be no doubt as to the high, heirloom quality of this wonderful engagement ring and your new fiance will delight in showing of their new gemstone or diamond jewelry. As you start planning your ceremony you'll also be able to choose your unique wedding bands and Knox Jewelers will make sure that you get your dream rings.

Unique custom engagement ring in Tucson with an inspired hand engraved knife edge band and a bezel set pear shaped diamond.


Of course, no matter what your personalities are it is hard to go wrong with a classic. Proposing over dinner at your true love's favorite restaurant is timeless, romantic, and easy to prepare for. When you call to make reservations let the staff know what you are planning, they may have suggestions or ways to help with the surprise! Now all you have to decide is do you ask before or during dinner? Or perhaps with dessert so the moment you slip that gorgeous engagement ring onto your sweetheart's finger will be one big moment of sweetness, joy, and decadence. You'll perhaps want to take the rest of your dessert to go so you can get home and call all your family with the big news while you cuddle up together admiring how well the diamond jewelry fits your beloved's finger. Everyone will be so excited for the big day to arrive when you exchange your vows and wedding bands that it will seem like no time at all before you're standing there together joining your lives and creating a new family.

No matter how you propose, know that our heirloom quality pieces will last down the generations of your family as a beautiful symbol of the love that started it all.

Tucson custom engagement ring with a floral pattern wide band with bead set diamond rails and a round brilliant diamond center stone.

Hand Engraved Engagement Rings

Tucson antique inspired engagement ring with a round diamond center and unique scroll relief engraving.

Halo Engagement Rings

Custom antique inspired engagement ring with an oval cut diamond center surrounded by a diamond halo and a knife edge engraved band in Tucson.

Sapphire Engagement Rings

Antique inspired custom engagement ring in Tucson with a hand engraved and filigree band with a cushion cut orange pink sapphire at its center.

Contemporary Engagement Rings

Tucson contemporary custom engagement ring with a round diamond center held by four prongs and a band with staggered flush set round diamonds.