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Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands in Victoria

Custom wide band engagement ring in Victoria with a diamond set center floral design and hand engraved vine patterns.

There are many ways to go about proposing to your sweetheart but the best place to get unique engagement rings in Victoria, Canada is from Knox Jewelers. We pride ourselves on creating hand crafted, heirloom quality pieces of gemstone and diamond jewelry so that you'll have only the best quality engagement ring and wedding bands in Victoria. This beautiful city combines stunning views of mountains and oceans, heritage architecture, and a modern city-scape. This unique combination allows for a wide variety of choices for where you present your carefully selected ring to your future fiance.

Start your day off with an outdoor adventure! You can visit Victoria's Inner Harbor where there is a plethora of things to see; you can explore the Undersea Gardens, Wax Museum, Government Buildings (beautifully lit up at night), harbor cruises, art displays, street performers, restaurants, pubs and shopping. Or you can take a tour of James Bay snuggled up with your honey under a blanket in the back of a horse-drawn carriage. Keep your eyes open for that perfect spot, one that really catches your darling's attention. Once they've looked their fill you can take their hand and tell them that they are the most amazing thing in your life. Pull out the engagement ring you've had custom made from Knox Jewelers and your new fiance won't be able to stop smiling!

Victoria custom engagement ring with a unique diamond set mosaic wide band design and petal prongs holding a round center diamond.


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Perhaps you had a slightly different outdoor locale in mind; Beacon Hill Park is wonderful, and Mount Tolmie Park offers a 360 degree view of Victoria. Imagine dropping to one knee to present that special piece of gemstone or diamond jewelry to your true love with stunning, never ending views in every direction. You'll be exchanging wedding bands in no time!

And why not consider hosting your wedding at the Butchart Gardens? You and your nearest and dearest all gathered in one of their stunning botanical spaces to watch you and your true love slip wedding bands onto each others hands in wedded bliss. This moment on cloud nine could be even more memorable if you proposed in the Butchart Gardens. There would me many beautiful backdrops to that special moment, and surely there will be some way to have someone catch a few pictures of the moment. Perhaps you'll propose in one of the gardens, when the sunlight can light up the engagement ring you chose; this special piece of diamond jewelery will sparkle so much your dearest will think you've taken stars from the sky to place on their finger. Or perhaps you'll propose on a Saturday night in the summer before or after the Butchart Gardens' stunning fireworks display. You can't go wrong with popping the question in one of these gorgeous gardens or with any piece of jewelry from Knox Jewelers. Our unique designs can be made from one of our existing designs or made completely from scratch to be exactly what you want it to be, and that's on top of the heirloom quality craftsmanship!

Victoria custom wide band ring with bead set diamond rails bordering a central scroll pattern design with bezel set stones.

For a faster paced proposal event get out on the water and take a whale-watching tour. There are a variety of companies that run tours so shop around to see what fits your needs. You'll get to see a variety of seals, sea lions, porpoises, birds, and of course, whales. Killer whales, Gray whales, and Humpback whales are listed as the most common. Depending on which tour you select you may want to do the actual proposal just before or right after your tour completes, however by the time you and your sweetheart have seen the spectacular wildlife and you've presented the engagement ring that you carefully selected from Knox Jewelers the whole day will just be one big happy memory.

Perhaps you'll use an aquatic theme for your wedding ceremony so that you're tying your engagement setting in with the exchange of your vows and wedding bands. The diamond jewelry you present to each other will sparkle like the sun on the waves and the two of you will always remember the romantic moment you created with your proposal.

Victoria custom engagement ring with a unique antique inspired basket design topped with a diamond halo and a oval cut center diamond.


While any of these fantastic activities would make for a wonderful proposal by themselves, another way to present your special piece of gemstone or diamond jewelry from Knox Jewelers would be in the comfort of a hotel room at the end of a day full of adventures. The Fairmont Empress Hotel is one of the most romantic hotels in Canada and it is right near the Inner Harbor. Cozy up with your honey in one of their luxurious rooms and surprise them by either having a bottle of champagne waiting when you reach the room, or by having room service deliver it. When they ask what it's for you can tell them that you're hoping to have something to celebrate. Pull out the engagement ring that you chose just for them and watch their eyes light with joy as they realize that you want to spend the rest of your lives together. You'll be exchanging wedding bands in no time, and perhaps you'll return to the Empress to do so!

Regardless of where you decide to pop the question, you want to make sure that your true love has only the best quality rings possible. Knox Jewelers will make sure that is exactly what you get along with making sure that the design is precisely the way you want it to look. The heirloom quality pieces of art that you present to your new partner will be the start of many loving memories as they get passed down the generations of your family.

Unique two tone custom engagement ring in Victoria with a rose gold diamond halo surrounding an oval cut diamond center.

Filigree Engagement Rings

Custom engagement ring in Victoria with a hand engraved knife edge band and filigree curls bordering the center diamond.

Unique Wedding Bands

Victoria custom wedding ring with a unique band featuring alternating bezel set round diamonds and marquise shaped bead set diamonds.

Hand Engraved Engagement Rings

Custom engagement ring in Victoria with a unique cathedral setting featuring filigree curls and scroll hand engraving.

Custom Engagement Rings

Antique oval custom engagement ring in Victoria with a bezel center setting, milgrain edging and hand engraving.