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Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands in Washington DC

Custom engagement rings in Washington DC including bezel, antique and halo settings.

At Knox Jewelers, we can provide you with fantastic engagement rings in Washington D.C. Our creations are made with pride and love, taking care of every detail to make your proposal day just as perfect as you can imagine. If you are more inclined to rings without center stones, we also have incredible wedding bands in Washington D.C., made using the latest technology in jewelry mixed with various traditional techniques. All of it, using always the best materials available, so your engagement rings and wedding bands shine as they should do on the most important day of your life.

Washington D.C. is an incredible capital, full of history, beautiful landscapes, secret spots and great open spaces where incredibly important things happen all the time. In this city is where the most relevant business of the world take place, and where the biggest decisions are made on a global scale. Choosing Washington D.C. as a city for a romantic proposal is a great way of acknowledging the sacred importance of the marriage bond.

Among all the legendary landmarks of this great city, the National Arboretum shines as one of the most romantic spots in Washington D.C. This great park was created as a natural museum, where the visitors can enjoy many different plant species and walk through incredible landscapes. The different areas have different colors and scents, and there are amazing constructions too, such as the fantastic pillars that dominate the park from above. Many couples choose this spot for their proposal, exchanging their engagement rings and wedding bands in a natural and unforgettable environment.

Unique custom engagement ring in Washington DC with an inspired hand engraved knife edge band and a bezel set pear shaped diamond.


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If you like wild natural landscapes, with breath taking landscapes that stay in your mind forever, you are going to love the East Potomac Park. This park is a peninsula itself, surrounded by water in nearly all directions. It's crowded by amazing cherry trees, and the views of the city are just astounding. It's the perfect location for a picnic or a nice stroll, relaxing our minds of the noise of the city. Proposing here is incredibly romantic, and the landscape and natural charm will work in your favor, giving you luck and strength in your love adventure.

For those who are fond of larger than life stories, and have an interest in American History, the Lincoln Memorial is the biggest treasure to be found. This landmark has been featured in all kinds of stories, and it conveys the whole grandiosity of this country's history and of human greatness. Asking for Mr. Lincoln's blessing when proposing is just a perfect symbol of love going in the right direction.

In the case of a winter proposal, which can be a rather romantic and tender gesture, the National of Art hosts every winter a great ice rink. Surrounded by the sculpture garden, full of creations of the most important modern artists, this place is charged with magic and mystery, and its bound to make the most important day of your life an experience full of charm and originality.

Custom engagement ring with a round diamond center held by four diamond set prongs with a band including bead set diamonds, hand engraving, milgrain and filigree curls in Washington DC.

Following a great tradition of successful proposals, the Lafayette Park, just in front of the White House, can confer a special air of greatness to your very special day. That park, named after the Marquis de Lafayette, the French hero who fought during the American Revolutionary War. The distribution and style of the park is just superb. It's charming, enchanting and full of style and elegance. If you really want to make your loved one feel like the most important person in the whole world, go to Lafayette Park with one of Knox Jewelers engagement rings or wedding bands, and make a memorable proposal; you'll surely get the answer you are longing to hear.

At Knox Jewelers we take pride in our work, we make our engagement rings and wedding bands to last for generations, commemorating your love forever and making your love story one to remember. We take care of every detail, following your specific instructions and advising you on the best choices you can make; after all, we've been making people happy for a long time, and that happiness is exactly what pushes us to keep offering the best quality for the best people.

Wahington DC custom engagement ring with a floral pattern wide band with bead set diamond rails and a round brilliant diamond center stone.


Mirco Pavé Engagement Rings

Custom oval diamond engagement ring in Wahington DC with a unique overlapping band and mirco pave diamond halo.

Filigree Engagement Rings

Custom engagement ring in Wahinston DC with a hand engraved knife edge band and filigree curls bordering the center diamond.

Contemporary Engagement Rings

Wahinton DC contemporary custom three stone engagement ring with a high polished profile trellis design.

Sapphire Engagement Rings

Antique inspired custom engagement ring in Washinton DC with a hand engraved and filigree band with a cushion cut orange pink sapphire at its center.