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Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands in Regina

Regina engagement ring with filigree, milgrain and oval center stone.

If you and your significant other are looking for unique diamond jewelry, look no further than Knox Jewelers. Couples in Regina, Saskatchewan that are looking the perfect hand-crafted engagement rings or wedding bands will without a doubt find something that they absolutely love at Knox Jewelers. Each piece is meticulously created from scratch; just like the capital city of Regina.

Regina sapphire engagement ring with round blue sapphire set within a nature inspired band.


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Knox Jewelers hand creates each and every ring from the ground up around your desired specifications. The craftsmanship that goes into each ring, and the quality of work and materials used are unbeatable. Upon purchasing a piece of diamond jewelry from Knox Jewelers you can be assured that you have accumulated an heirloom quality piece that will be passed down from generation to generation; and will all have started with the love story that you and your significant other created.

A great place to consider proposing is Regina's very own Wascana Centre. The Wascana Centre is located in the heart of Regina; and is the perfect place to take a scenic walk around the lake or to plan a romantic picnic. The contrast of having urban scenery around a large gorgeous park is nothing short of memorable; which is what you want your proposal to be. There are many beautiful locations within the Wascana Centre that would be more than suitable to present a hand crafted engagement ring to your significant other. Let the area of Wascana Centre take you back to nature; without the hassle of planning an entire vacation. The best part is that you can even celebrate your new proposal at a close-by restaurant; and will have endless photo opportunities along the way.

Regina filigree engagement ring with round brilliant diamond with custom scroll filigree.

For a traditional, yet extremely romantic and enjoyable proposal; think about presenting a hand-made engagement ring from Knox Jewelers at Regina Saskatchewan's very own Memories Fine Dining Restaurant. With more than excellent reviews, Memories is more than capable of hosting an excellent proposal for you and your significant other. The divine atmosphere, along with the intimate private dining rooms and exquisite French cuisine will be sure to be a moment in time captured in you and your future fiance's memories forever. You could even think about tying your engagement into your wedding plans and have your rehearsal dinner at Memories before you exchange wedding bands.

For those couples who enjoy history or something a little out of the ordinary, Regina Saskatchewan's own Government House may be just the perfect place to plan a surprise proposal. Completed in 1891, this historic site features a compilation of architectural styles; and is a true reflection of the time period it was built in. All of the rooms within the house are true to the Victorian era; and are filled with historic artifacts. Let the Government House take you and your significant other back in time; and provide you with as much privacy as you need to present an engagement ring. This location has no shortage of space as it boasts of 15 bedrooms just on the ground level; and even a wine vault and billiards room. Whether you're looking for an engagement ring, a wedding band or just a piece of diamond jewelry; Knox Jewelers is there to help the people of Regina, Saskatchewan find their desired needs.

Halo engagement ring in Regina with round brilliant center stone and yellow gold setting.


Antique Engagement Rings

Regina engagement ring with filigree, milgrain and round brilliant center stone.

Custom Engagement Rings

Custom engagement ring in Regina with oval center stone set between a woven band.

Filigree Engagement Rings

Filigree engagement ring in Regina with round brilliant center stone and engraved band.

Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement ring in Regina with oval center stone and half moon side stones.